Monday, 11 March 2013

Paired in waiting

Early morning Jackdaws all perched in pairs ready for the day and the months ahead. The two at top right must have had a tiff.
Sundays webs count was in two halves. Well it normally is, the first part from Redheugh to Scotswood Bridge carried out in clear cold weather with Shelduck present in good numbers but Lapwing and Plover noticeable by their absence. Then, as I was counting the Herring Gull  colony on the roof of Roll Royce Engines the greyness that had been creeping up from the east turned into a white out. I retreated to the car and nipped up the road for a paper and pie. The next three quarters of an hour were spent reading the paper and watching the snow. Then, just as it came, it cleared and part two from Scotswood to Newburn was commenced. Very timely although quite a bit of snow had fallen the final roost of gulls at Newburn Riverside was counted in bright sun but with the ever present risk of snow the camera remained in the car.

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