Wednesday, 20 March 2013


The man on the radio keeps telling me spring starts now but you wouldn't believe it looking outside. Yesterday, having spent the first hour trying to jump start my parents central heating swearing more oaths than the new Pope was doing on the TV! I finally got some heat into the radiators and headed up the coast in an effort to clear the depression but look at it. Bleak or what? I notice it doesn't stop the dog walkers though. As a public service I pass on the notice that the coast road between Lynemouth and Cresswell is closed for the next five days. Maybe we'll get some migrants on the flash before it is drained.
I missed a Peregrine at Cresswell arriving as ADMc and the gang of three were departing the hide. They seemed to have counted everything in sight so I settled down for a quiet half hour. Six Whoopers north was the only excitement although Mrs Moorhen was taking the huff at the old mans advances.
This morning dawned still bleak although I'd solved the heating problem. Outside the fields are all standing water and a pair of Lesser Black Gulls had returned to the patch pushing the list to 70. They were getting jiggy as well although I'm not sure what the discussion was about at the moment pictured above. 

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  1. Spring, bah humbug, have you seen the weather forecast for the next few days??? Thankyou for the Public Information tip, was gonna head up that way on Saturday