Sunday, 17 March 2013

The waiting game

With buds ready but not bursting the trees await some warmer weather to produce leaf allowing easy counting of the many Rookeries in the area. Most nests appear complete with pairs just biding their time till spring finally sprungs. 
This male Tree Sparrow has been singing next to this hollow tree for the last two weeks so appears to have decided this is his pad which may upset the Willow Tit pair who bred successfully there last year. The Blue Tits in my garden are busy seeing off all other blue types and had a go at a pair of Willow Tits who visited briefly yesterday. It looks like kitchen nest box No1 is the choice of their abode for the third year running.
On the Carr this chap is notable for his solitude as the flock seems to have dispersed but I keep flushing him from the roadside although this is the first time in six I've managed to get a pic. Meanwhile the Curlews have finally started to arrive about one - two weeks late although one or two never really departed as the sodden ground remains. Fingers crossed it looks ideal for Spring wader passage.

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