Thursday, 7 March 2013

Road to nowhere

A week battling with my browser finally saw me give in and install Chrome which allows me seamless access to my blog so now I can unleash the frustrations of the previous few days. Saturday saw me travel up county looking for big birds displaying but all I got was windmills. Bemoaning  the visual destruction of a beautiful part of the world I carried on to Harwood.
This is how it should be. The view from Winters Gibbet although some bird action would have been nice. Not even a Crossbill to enliven the day and old winters head is still missing with a sorry homemade dummy in its place.
Yesterday it was another trip, this time on business but Druridge is almost on the way to West Thirston isn't it. Wellies on to negotiate the most useless (not to mention dangerous) piece of boardwalk in the area.
Then distant views of the Redhead on the southern pools. A Short eared Owl also put in an appearance but the cold eventually got to me and I returned home for a bacon sarnie. Now today they tell us more than one rasher of bacon a day is harmful. Precisely which planet are these people on..........thus far I've survived salmonella in eggs, CJD in beef, e-coli in beansprouts, horsemeat in burgers (not to mention whatever the employees of fast food outlets add for a joke) all washed down with anti-freeze laden wine so I think I'll take my chances with the mixed grill please.


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  2. Too many words and poor typing! What I wanted to say is that health scares have an impact on health.

    I saw preparatory works close to a known site for protected birds and in the vicinity of a potential Osprey colonisation site. One feels helpless. Thanks a bunch Greenpeace.

  3. I watched a report about bacon tonight. It had the effect of persuading me to eat only half of the packet. Next they will be attacking my beloved sausages!