Thursday, 4 July 2013

Back at Banks

A bit of heat in the day and occasional sunshine saw me skiving off to Banks Pond for an hour this morning after recommendation from John A. When the sun shone there were two or more Emperors flying along with four or more Four Spotted Chasers and the many damsels hiding out of the wind included Large Red, Bluetail and Bluet. As I was rumaging a call rang out and it was Dick and Linda fresh from a trip to Northumberlandia. Both have been quiet on the blogging front of late all explained when I heard of their sad loss. As we chatted a Common Blue male drifted past and I was lucky to find his good lady on the way back to the car.
One of these also landed nearby, a moth which I had photographed a few minutes earlier for later identification. Upon getting home I typed black and white into the keyword search. Well you would wouldn't you? No joy and it wasn't until I found a netted species name that I tracked down the suspect ...a Latticed Heath.
A good few of these Ringlets around over the last two days and Meadow Browns also beginning to appear. Maybe summer is here.

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  1. Thanks Peter.
    Hope to be pestering you in the future with what's this what's that?