Monday, 8 July 2013

getting Otter

There I was trying to photograph an Emperor in flight when I heard a plop from my right. Assuming it was a frog or the like I continued only to see a tail disappearing into the water and then a few feet further on a head appeared and stared back at me. After giving me some consideration the Otter decided to go to the other side of the pond where it continued hunting eventually coming up with what must have been a freshwater mussel judging by the crunching noise it made whilst eating it. NIce dentition.


  1. Peter,

    nice record, has there been Otter there before?


  2. Only seen one on the Carr before in flood conditions. Pond has no fish so didn't expect an Otter but suspect it's from the Disbled fishing pond near Blagdon. I notice Banks put Otter signs up when they built the bridge so their assessment must have found them.