Thursday, 18 July 2013

Carpet bagging

'I luv carpets me' Those irritating words of a radio advert for Franks Factory Flooring although I quite like carpets mainly because they seem to be around in the day and are relatively easy to identify (although I'm sure I'll have got at least one wrong). So far this year originally the most ubiquitous but seem to have declined in the recent month ..Silver-ground Carpet.
Common Carpet. Not as common as its name suggests.
 Plenty of Garden Carpets though
 Recently a Twin-spot Carpet
and a trip to the woods found Green Carpet
 and Flame Carpet (not the reason for the burnt out photo!)
with Red Carpet currently being the most conspicuous especially at Banks Pond. That's quite a roll but I hope there will be piles more just to underlay the theme and I won't have to change tack or work against the grain for to spin a yarn would be gripping. I'm shagged!

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