Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Greedy darlings

The nest in the gable of my house has disgorged it's brood of noisy young Starlings who are keeping the adults busy with their constant demands. Moving from ground to tree to table to roof the chase is constant and then all of a sudden they're off into the fields forming small flocks with their neighbours from adjacent gardens.

The House Sparrows have produced at least three broods now although the young are not so conspicuous as they are secreted in the conifer trees and hedges but can be tempted out with a tasty morsel of food from Mom. Magpie, Cat and Rook all keep a keen eye on the proceedings and are indignant when various objects are projected from the kitchen window in their general direction!

Meanwhile, the conifer at the front of my garden is getting very noisy as a brood of four Jackdaws make demands at every noise that suggests their parents are returning with some feed. Hopefully they will emerge in the next few days, the first successful nest in three years!

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