Monday, 25 May 2009

No time!

To get everything done and birdwatch! Having lost the Bank Holiday to work before the end of last week was a bit down as I realised the weekend had flashed by and the garden was still untamed, the house ramshackle and the body dishevelled. Oh stuff it so off to Bellasis for a nice short Sunday morning walk and call in at Banks Pond on the way and would you believe it, the Little Grebe have two reasonably developed young. Having been watching one bird all week thinking it was the male waiting for the female to hatch the eggs was surprised by the size of the young who must have been a week old. One was trying to get onto mums back so maybe they’ve just been hitching for that time and this morning saw some fishing lessons. If anybody out there is one of the two birders nest recording on Saturday morning then could you drop me a line to tell me if you saw them or have recorded the nest. This morning back to one bird so the female must keep the young well hidden which is a good move considering the predation levels at the pond.

Anyway off to Bellasis and thirty two species recorded over ¼ mile of road from the lay-by to the top of the copse including my first Spotted Flycatcher of the year, a feat to be repeated at Whittle Dene later in the day. Once had regular breeding on the Carr at the top of the bridleway but now they just tend to be a late summer visitor.

The Carr count on Saturday was 53 species between 8.00 and 11.00 including the first brood of Long tailed tits (8 I think) and nests with young Great Tits, Dunnocks and House Sparrow. The above picture is from two years ago but unfortunately pushing the hand held limits of a large lens. Mother moved them on shortly afterwards and opportunity for a better shot was lost. Once I've used up all my slides from past years I may even begin to embrace the digital revolution!

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