Thursday, 7 May 2009


I see the wandering White Stork was following the A1 north again yesterday. Four weeks past Monday having been watching the bird at Big Waters the previous night I woke up to find the bird standing in the field 100m from my bedroom window.

Nipped up to get some better photos despite having plenty from the previous evening. Definitely a non standard ring on the lower left leg just visible on the walking image. Was tempted to add it to the Carr list but it must go down as an escape and wasn’t really within the target area although it must have flown over the Carr when it headed up to Weldon Bridge then Rothbury later in the day.

Driving back from Cramlington late last night was passing the Blackpool Plantation when what I thought was a Rabbit appeared in the headlights. Not being a farmer I braked to avoid the animal which appeared to be squatting upright on the edge of the road and it then flew up into the trees to my right with talons clutching some prey! The upright figure was obviously a Tawny Owl so far missing on this years Carr list.

86 Tawny Owl

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