Monday, 4 May 2009

Latest arrivals

Out Saturday early in excellent weather with Snipe displaying and a light breeze. Looking north from the bumpy road a Grasshopper Warbler reeled in the grass competing with a Sedge Warbler in the hedge for attention. Suddenly the Snipe started zig zagging at low level and called in alarm and, with the Meadow Pipits squeaking, rose high as a Merlin sped across the reed tops looking for the unwary.

48 species for the morning with a female Redstart (presumably the same bird as last year) nest building at the same location. Couldn’t see the male but Keith from Woolsington found the pair together at the nest later in the day. The picture is the male from last year who was a bit camera shy.

84 Merlin
85 Redstart

For the third year in succession the pair of Canada Geese at Banks Pond have produced a brood, this time four with the parents currently being very protective. Now the Oystercatcher can hopefully have use of the island.

At home the count is at least four active House Sparrow nests with one brood calling, two Jackdaws, two Starlings and a Blackbird nest with young in the top of my conifer hedge which I now can’t trim. Should have done it earlier but then they probably wouldn’t have nested there.
The tits seem to have shunned my garden this year but Robin and Dunnock both look like they have nests close by.

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