Saturday, 16 May 2009

Today I have been mostly hearing...

Warblers! Whitethroats were particularly vocal but all present in good numbers those being Whitethroat 17, Willow 16, Sedge 9, Grasshopper 2, Garden 1 and some stilted Chiff Chaffing at the golf course. No Lesser Whitethroat yet and I fear the best time may have passed but I refreshed my rarer species call recognition this afternoon in the vain hope that an Icterine or like would venture inland.

47 species this morning and plenty of other birdsong with a Snipe that has been ‘chipping’ in the same place for almost two days! Richard the goat man told me he heard a Cuckoo on Tuesday morning calling from the area behind the garden centres where one was present last year. Kept an ear turned toward that location in the hope of either Cuckoo or Quail but neither obliged.

Did my Webs count (Tyne from Redheugh to Newburn bridge) today after forgetting last week. This month is one of the quiet periods as all the waders have gone off to breed leaving me counting mainly juvenile large gulls. No Commons and only a smattering of Black heads but good numbers of Lesser Black back and Herring with nests visible on some of the factory roofs. Anybody wanting to compare the later stages of large juvenile gulls would do well to go to Newburn Haugh at low tide and look over to the mud bank near the Board Inn where a smorgasboard of loafing gulls gather. May even get a seal hauling out for a nap!

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  1. I'll be hearing Whitethroat in my sleep tonight, closely followed by Blackcap and Garden Warbler.