Friday, 11 September 2009

Coming closer

to get some better picture thanks to some obliging Short eared Owls. Waited half an hour last night till at 5.50 a single bird started hunting, suddenly appearing from the middle of the field as if beamed down from above. Bill joined me and we watched it making repeated dives and turns flying across 20m in front of us.

As it returned to the first tree line, two other birds joined it and they spiralled together around a small hawthorn tree when Bill spotted another bird in the distance. Four in the air at once.....Carr heaven!
Moments like this don't last long and a passing Heron started to squabble with one of the birds, then two Crows joined in forcing the Owl up high to be joined by a Kestrel. Eventually the Crows and Kestrel took the argument North and the owl slowly glided down over our heads to begin hunting again, landing behind a tussock and staring full face at Bill. Of course when I leaned over to get the shot it took to the air but no worries, there's going to be plenty of opportunity.
After half an hour or so the darker bird was the only one hunting. Young and inexperienced perhaps but for the first time it perched about fifty meters away and I got some fantastic views through the scope. Fantastic striated plumage and vivid yellow eyes. Very intense and as good as a come on from a beautiful woman in a 'I want to eat you alive' sort of way!!

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  1. Have to admit to being a Prestwick Carr fan.
    and have had a little success spotting owls mainly at dusk.
    You've got me going again