Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dipping in

After the glorys of the Glossy Ibis yesterday I went down to Bywell this morning to try and get some shots of Dipper and Kingfisher which I had failed at miserably last weekend. On arrival there were two Dippers downstream of the bridge and one upstream. The water levels were perfect but the light was a bit dim so bang up the iso's and away we go.

After stalking the upstream bird I got into position only for it to be chased off by one of the other birds. My understanding of Dippers is that they're not so sociable outside the breeding season so was surprised when after a circumnavigation of a small island they landed together on the shore just twenty feet from me. Of course, my camouflage was perfect and I now had to shoot between the branches of a bush!

The birds then began chasing again and went onto a small outcrop where one bird started singing it's head off with the other coyly approaching nearby. Bit early for courtship I thought but this continued for some minutes until, as with many premature relationships, the birds tumbled into the water together fighting then parted and flew to the bank for a rest.

Later all three birds fed together downstream as a young lad threw sticks into the water nearby, oblivious of what he was missing. With shots in the can I headed into Bywell and poking round St Peters Church found two of these little unwelcome tykes.....shame I had the wrong lens on.

Also found this tree which I have yet to locate in my tree guide but love the flaky bark.

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