Saturday, 5 September 2009

Oh my head!

Following a week of pressure with tormented decisions gave up at 3.30 on Friday and after posting my mail was just driving past the pub when I noticed a bird on the pavement behind a parked van. On pulling past the van I found it was a juvenile Sparrowhawk apparently oblivious to the peril of its location. Got out the car with thoughts of how I would pick up an enraged hawk and get it into a cardboard box but after finding a sweatshirt in the boot of my car I walked up to the bird which stayed put. Did the old matador thing but the bird didn't seem to be able to see me. On hindsight I should have taken the photo then in perfect light but had the wrong lens on the camera and was concerned for the bird amongst the local children and labourers gathered round the shop and pub. I looked round for any adult bird but could see none so wrapped the bird in my sweatshirt without it offering any resistance and lifted it onto a nearby wall beneath a conifer hedge so it was safe. Ironic that only earlier in the day I had been swearing at its parent for persistent attempts to get my House Sparrow flock!
Left the bird to recover and had a trip to Bank's Pond, 3 Coot, 2Moorhen and a Little Grebe then up to Bellasis to gauge the state of the river after the days deluge. The river was just a bit full and the bird was playing on my mind so returned to find it still sat on the wall occassionally closing it's eyes and clenching its talon so gathered it must have hit something, probably the now departed vans wing mirror, and had an almighty headache. Took these shots and was talking to a bloke from the village about the poor things peril and how you shouldn't take a wild bird into custody unless absolutely necessary when it turned and flew off. Another decision vindicated. Good luck wee bird but please stay away from my garden.

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