Tuesday, 8 September 2009

You wait for months.....

...then three come along all at once. Not buses but Short-eared Owls. Hadn't seen one on Prestwick Carr since last October when a single bird was driven up high and away by Crows so was delighted last night when one was hunting near the goats at Mayfair Cottage. Watched a while and got lots of useless long distance photos when moving eastward another bird rose from the ground and they started sparring. As I moved into the field one bird hunted eastward while the other went west and yet another individual rose from the ground. Briefly all three were in the air and then the police helicopter flew overhead and they went to ground.
Chatted to bicycle Bill for a while who regaled me of the Marsh Harrier he had two weeks ago and a Yellow Wagtail in the horses field last week. Unfortunately not on my list although I was sure I heard a Yellow Wag last Saturday... even has a question mark next to it in my notebook. Anyway.....

97 Short eared Owl

Battling with fading light and autofocus we were both being bitten to death by flies so left with two birds in the air hunting. I hope they stay for a while and some better images will be in the offing.


  1. It might be the size? Try resizing your images to 800x800, works for me.

  2. Thanks Alan but it was the compose / edit screens not loading the command bar for some reason