Friday, 25 September 2009

High points at Low Barns

Wandered way south yesterday in search of a lawn mower part for my parents. Called in at Low Barns on the way and was impressed by the pleasant, tidy facilities and enthusiasm of the staff. Apparently they run a photography group there and have just announced the winner of their yearly competition . See these at . Additionally there willl be an exhibition from 23rd October to 8th November so looks like I'm in for a return visit.

Walked to the nearest hide as the folks aren't too mobile and spent a pleasant half hour experiencing the calm interspersed with the quacking of Mallards and the checks of Jackdaws squabbling. This Cormorant was practising for a position on a sugar loaf in Rio.
The woodland was lifting with birds. Chiffchaffs, all the Tits except Willow, Goldcrest and Great Spotted Woodpecker were moving through the trees and the feeding station was a busy place. The Robin didn't seem too impressed by our presence but the Nuthatch as always gave a good show.

Noticed that many of the birds were ringed and almost got a close up of the ring on a Marsh Tit but as usual the angle on the numbers was all wrong. Will return there as the feeding station even on a cloudy day, had a good quality of light that many don't. Thanks to all at Low Barns.

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  1. Lovely pictures. I particularly like the short-eared owl on your header. Beautiful.