Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Let there be light

After a week tied up with work and losing most of the weekend I took Monday off and headed up the coast. My first five Redwing of the winter flew over Ashington as I departed and eventually after checking Cresswell and the Budge screen, ended up at the Oddie hide where amazingly after the weekends spectacular, the hide was empty. As I raised the shutters the now regular Glossy Ibis was to the right of the hide and heading my way! A couple joined me in the hide shortly followed by AG, all with cameras at the ready. The bird eventually walked up and in front of the hide and as the light levels improved we all snapped away.

All those distant pictures taken at Cresswell and from the Budge screen were now deleted as the bird showed beautifully. Just wish I was in better control of my camera.

The bird fed constantly, mainly on freshwater snails which it deftly flicked up into its mouth and as the hide filled it was rarely distracted by the noise of the wretched stiff door. Walking up and down in front of the hide occasionally preening and once or twice wing stretching which showed the lovely green sheen to full effect, it stayed for almost three quarters of an hour before flying off 50m up the shoreline.

I waited for a while to try and get some flight shots but missed the best opportunity and eventually left a now full hide with a good few images to sort. Apologies if you've seen them all before.

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  1. Gosh! Lovely Ibis pictures. I was wondering if it was still at Creswell and thought I might have a ride over.