Saturday, 10 October 2009


Woke up with a groan as I realised the place was in cloud and could barely see the far side of the field in front of my house. Off to book fair at Tynemouth Station tomorrow so had brought my webs count forward a day but if it stayed like this there was no chance of seeing the far bank of the Tyne. With hope in my heart I set out to Prestwick Carr and the sun tried, but failed to break through. First benefit was that a fall had occurred and Redwings were tseeping overhead. In three hours a total of 104 passed over westward, the largest group being 33. Only one bird landed briefly at the very top of the tall tree near the goats before heading off west. A good flock of Redpoll also fed in the weeds whilst on the return a party of Bullfinches was flushed from the hedgerow. Photo opportunities were limited although there were some nice spiders webs highlighted by the dew and Richard the goat mans feed trailer was being raided by the House Sparrow flock.

Interesting count as it highlights the change in season so here are the numbers

10 October 8.10 - 11.00 am Weather misty then overcast. Warm no wind.

Jackdaw 34
House Sparrow 21
Robin 25 many singing
Greenfinch 3
Starling 36
Magpie 5
Wren 18
Goldfinch 29
Great Tit 16
Woodpigeon 61
Great Spotted Woodpecker 3
Redwing 104
Blackbird 15
Rook 5
Dunnock 6
Blue Tit 17
Pied Wagtail 4
Crow 6
Willow Tit 2
Pheasant 3
Reed Bunting 6
Bullfinch 13
Coal Tit 4
Meadow Pipit 5
Common Gull 10
Mistle Thrush 3
Black headed Gull 2
Skylark 14 one singing
Chaffinch 10
Kestrel 2
Song Thrush 5 probably part of the fall
Golden Plover 2
Linnet 9
Lesser Redpoll 24
Stonechat 2 both singing
Jay 1
Grey Partridge 2
Buzzard 2
Yellowhammer 2
Grey Heron 1
Long tailed Tit 11
Collared Dove 10

that's 42 species and missing from last week is Chiffchaff, Swallow & House Martin

No time for Banks Pond but after a quick bite off down to the Tyne for my webs count which was pretty much as normal. Good numbers of Redshank, Lapwing and Golden Plover with the Lesser Black Back Gulls declining in number and the ducks not yet in great abundance. Counted the Plover flock three times due to interruptions by rowers, motor boaters and curious walkers! What is so strange about a bloke gazing across the river through a scope? Anyway, 662 Golden Plover was the end result.
At Newburn was regaled by a local couple of Seals on their back mid stream eating Salmon but when I got there all was normal. Not so on the return trip when I got my eyes on what I thought was a House Martin. When the bins were trained on the feeding animal it was clearly a broad daylight at 2.07 in the afternoon. It passed overhead as I fumbled for the camera but by the time I had the shutter finger ready the object was a mere speck in the distance. Will now have to consult my Bat expert friend to try and I.D. the critter. Possibly a counting Dracula?

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  1. Caught sight of the Golden Plovers on Friday on the Dunston side, and reckoned at least 500 at that time.