Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Night visions

Arrived at Prestwick Carr last night to find hoards of people near the goats. Must have been some kind of group trip from the Wildlife Trust. They had been over to the woods and were now examining said goats with amusement. Avoided them and headed up to the top gate to look for owls. Some chance I thought as the group gathered for a briefing but after twenty minutes they started getting in their cars and heading off down the bumpy road. O.K. for those in four wheeled drives but I did hear a couple of scrapes from those less wary in cars!

No sooner had they dispersed than two Short eared Owls were flying not fifty yards from where they had been gathered. Walked down to that area and spent the next half hour watching as the birds hunted becoming ever more ghostly in the fading light.

Would never have attempted any shots in previous days but the benefits of digital mean at least these poor images are at least recognisable. If I'd remebered how to boost my speed to 12.8K then I may have done better but the views were splendid with one bird twice coming within twenty feet. One bird headed off west to the sheep field where in the sunset in squabbled with another, possibly the Barn Owl, the argument still continuing as I left for home.


  1. I had planned a visit to Prestwick Carr last night but got diverted. Drat! Great pics.

  2. Nice views and shots, patience is a virtue(tho all the better for you that the group left when they did), shame it was a bit dark for your pics they would been fantastic if it had stayed light for you!!! itching to get back up and see them again hopefully beginning of next month!! There still hunting in the same field then, nice to see two birds aswell!!!

  3. Those pics do have a nice ghostly quality to them. Nice to hear the S.E.Owls are still around. Shame the light is going so early now.