Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Stoatally mad

Was up at Boulmer last week doing some seawatching to the North of the village when a commotion of bird alarm calls came from the garden behind me. Looking over the wall a Stoat was standing next to a log pile. Having spied me it dashed back in only to emerge from the top of the pile and give me a stare. Then it proceeded to dash out jump and spin then disappear back into its pile. Did this three or four times till I called over my folks to have a look and of course it didn't show again.


  1. Class loving the pics nothing better than seeing a stoat shame your folks didnt get to see it!! Thats always the way with wildlife!!! Sounds like you had good views aswell other than the usual glimpse of one crossing in front of you?!

  2. Great sighting. I would love to photograph a stoat.