Thursday, 8 October 2009

Does my rump look big in this?

Tried for the Buff breasted Sandpiper last night as I was in Ashington but missed out and again this morning. Never mind, had to do with this smart Wheatear at Hauxley.

At Prestwick Carr there's a Barn Owl most nights, Tawny Owl last night outside my house but little sign of the Short eareds. I have found some fresh pellets which suggest they are still there but my last sighting was one week ago. Last night a Jay and Willow Tit were calling, a lone Pippistrelle Bat flew at Mayfair Cottage and five deer were in two groups . This manage a trois were cavorting near the wood.

No sooner had I written the above than tonight (Thursday) a lone Short eared Owl hunted at 6.30pm so I add this as a postscript


  1. Nice to hear the short eareds are still about suprised theres only one there or only one showing!! Loving your pics of the wheater and the ibis very good!! Have you seen anymore of the otter up at druridge (i think it was druridge)?

  2. Things should look up now the nights are drawing in. Should get some mid-day hunting if the bird remains.
    Strangely the Otters at Druridge have not been seen much given that there are hoards of folk most days to see the Ibis. Maybe they've taken the huff at not being the star attraction.