Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Distant view

Sorry for the crap header pic but finally got a shot of the big raptor people have been describing to me. On enlargement the big white chest and possible grey head is a bit off putting but the tatty plumage and method of hunting off a fence can only suggest Buzzard although I stand to be corrected. The size though is very big with body length at least two feet which is right at the top end of Buzzard range. I've left some of the fence straining posts in the shot to get some idea of scale but they must project at least three feet above the grass.
Also last night a nice covey of twelve Grey Partridge napping in front of Ed's caravan.

and the buck deer again escorting three females. If the light improves as it is doing hopefully I'll get some better shots.


  1. Call me mad, but the upper image smacks of Osprey! As I said, call me mad!

  2. I strongly favour pale Common Buzzard. Pose looks like Buzzard and proportion looks like Buzzard.

  3. Looks like the pale bird I got a pic of - see my blog of 14 November 2009. Common Buzzard for me.