Monday, 1 February 2010

Looking up

Spent the weekend birding between meetings with some good results. The Carr on Saturday morning was heaving with Great Tits and a good tribe of eleven Long Tails. Then off the Kirkley where a Barn Owl stared back from its roost mid morning. Lunch at Lintzford with seven Red Kites circling overhead presumably not looking for scraps.

Then to Hexham for the final bit of work. Ah could take in the White fronts at Grindon I thought and there they were with some Bean Goose to boot. Splendid. Arrows mark the spot White fronts to the right Bean to the left but no end of dodgyscoping could get a reasonable result.

Sunday off to Ashington for work early morning and overshot to Cresswell and East Chevington where I dipped out on Bittern and Hen Harrier. So to Blyth to console myself with an easy Iceland Gull although views of the roof topper were poor as I was looking west into the setting sun. Must go in the morning next time if the youngster stays.
Finished off at Prestwick Carr where I watched a Fox for half an hour scenting the largest mole hills it could find later to be joined by what I presume was his mate. Looking up the vapour trails of jets were bright in the setting sun and watched with a little concern as one jet overtook another on exactly the same heading. I've heard of sharing flight spots but that's ridiculous. The planes obviously had a few thousand feet vertical separation but appear similar size!

Finally on the walk back to the car a familiar form lifted over the bumpy road and upon getting to the nearest gate a Short eared Owl drifted past in pretty direct flight not looking like it was hunting or staying. My first for two weeks and typical as I'd announced to at least three visiting birders this weekend that the birds must have flown.

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