Thursday, 11 February 2010

Quiet morning

After a horrendous day dashing about yesterday only made tolerable by seeing the four Redheads at Druridge, took a breather this morning and after getting some essential work out of the way headed down to Prestwick Carr to see if the flock of 64 Pinkfoot Geese present on Monday and Tuesday were still about but they had moved on.
Met ADMc and Paddy who was searching for Willow Tit. I had just seen one heading in his direction but the little blighter didn't show further and as we chatted a Buzzard passed overhead for the benefit of a couple from Jarrow not familiar with that species on their patch. Can't get moved for them here! ADMc advised he had found one of the Carr Barn Owls dead and that worse still 12 had been found on the Otterburn ranges. Lets hope for a good breeding season.

Near the ranges here, the fields were full of Lapwing and Golden Plover, their numbers building daily and nearly joined by a passing Cormorant. As I continued on my way the silence in the hedgerows was noticeable only pierced occasionally by singing Tits, calling Yellowhammers and the first notes from Chaffiches heralding better to come.

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