Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Had a play with my camera on Friday and consequently spent the whole weekend shooting on the wrong settings with variable results. The above Fulmar at Tynemouth was just saved but pics of the four Whitefronts at Woodhorn were not retrievable.
Look at the wax on those Waxwings at Forest Hall but why the soft focus!!
Lapwings flushed by Buzzard at Prestwick Carr

Shite Hawk flown by nugget at West Hartford meant I saw little else. Bird drifted off south over Cramlington with handler in tow so don't know if he managed to retrieve it. Keep your eyes peeled Crammy birders.


  1. Harris Hawk? Early pm Saturday 13th. Guy with very short, fair hair, 30-ish, all the gear? I saw the bird mobbed by crows near the phone mast on Crosland Way, Nelson Industrial Estate, but after once round the block (me and the dog), he and his car (light metallic, small Ford) where gone. I presume he got his bird back.

  2. That's the chap thanks very much. Nice to get some closure on the tale.

  3. The harris hawk gets flown at West Hartford and Arcot quite regularly. It was sat in a tree on the A192 recently, I nearly veered off the road as I drove past!