Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wax at Ash

Managed to arrange a meeting at Ashington for Wednesday lunchtime which was over quite quickly allowing me to squander the rest of the working day watching and attempting to photograph the 30+ Waxwings near the cemetery.

Variable light conditions and not the best choice of tree for those wanting to avoid neck ache but some wonderful views if not quite achieving the quality of image I would like. Tried to tempt the birds onto the ground with some apple but despite showing some signs of interest a tree in the estate to the west (aptly all the streets are named after birds) was their favoured snack bar and the flock moved between the two locations throughout the afternoon.

Was joined by JM and Frank who put the size of my lens to shame and chatted with some of the locals who said at least two of the birds had been in the locality for some time. Various other birders who I recognise but whose names I don't know, passed by along with DM and his good lady who I meet quite regularly at these minor twitches.

Anyway, a great time was has by all and who cares about work when you can enjoy these colourful visitors to the full.

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