Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bank Holiday blues

Into every life a little rain must fall but it's bloody heaving down on my turgid existence at the moment. One of those periods where work, family and home are all providing more challenges than solutions. I haven't taken an in focus bird shot in what seems like days so the camera has been aimed skyward reflecting the mood.
One lightener was Prestwick Carr bird No 103 a Whinchat on Monday evening but the pleasure was short lived as moments later I was told of the death of a client and friend. Went in to hospital last week for a ticker check and never came back. Larger than life bloke Mel which appears to have caught up with him.

Speaking of chatting there was more of that than watching at St Mary's for the Greenish Warbler. Some well known faces in the crowd but I notice they have become somewhat camera aware after my recent postings. I couldn't stay long as I'd just had my birthday lunch and the folks needed to head home. ...perhaps thats why I'm depressed...52 fold.

1 comment:

  1. I was in there somewhere! You must have just missed me out of the shot or I must have just left after my very long wait without seeing the bird. lol

    Might try again today, though not sure.