Saturday, 18 September 2010

Good Friday

Walked the length of Prestwick Carr three times on Friday as my car was having it's MOT at Prestwick. Badly under dressed for the cool autumn chill on the return home but warmed by two Willow Tits hanging round the Mayfair Cottage crossroads. Both birds actively feeding and not too interested in the passing traffic other than to look into the mirror of my lens.

Shame birds can't lick their lips. I think this morsel got away as did the blessed Bullfinches I also tried to photograph. At least seven in three groups all calling away but none showing. I regard Bullfinches as difficult to photograph on the Carr as Grasshopper Warbler and Water Rail but what's more annoying is you can plainly see the Bullfinches. It's just they always stay on the other side of the bush rarely coming into the open and never sitting on top. Yet, the Bullfinches that visit my garden occasionally ( presumably some of the same birds ) are quite happy to show on the feeders. Very frustrating.

Also plentiful were Chiffchaffs with at least three singing birds and many others calling although some would likely be Willow Warbler so counting at the moment is a bit difficult. Normally you can say that 99% of these little green birds you see on the Carr will be Willow Warbler.

Black legs yes but the song was more of a giveaway. Anyway back to Prestwick to collect my car which amazingly passed without undue problem and four Willow Tits on the return journey! Also a sign of Autumn in two Goldcrests moving along the hedgerow.

Later in the day a third visit spending an hour searching for a big bird Mk II which has come in to roost every evening since Wednesday but has so far evaded my optics. Next chance Sunday evening as its webs count tomorrow morning.

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