Saturday, 4 September 2010


With the hot weather Banks Pond has been alive with Dragonflies engaged in some x rated action as they mate and deposit the seeds of their progeny. Mainly Common Darter there must be scores of couples dancing about the pond edge male supporting female as she touches the water and oviposits unfortunately at a speed I've been unable to capture clearly yet!

Occasionally hassled by two Common Hawker also present

Many Damselles still in need of their Romeo.

More soixante neuf action than one would care to consider.

Ah.....finally a female that just wants to pose for the photographer.

Also found Common Hawker on a building site in Darras Hall and at Reeth Pond Newburn where a Kingfisher also evaded my 600mm mirror as the coppers hovered overhead. I don't think they were after me for perving at Dragons.

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