Sunday, 12 September 2010


Struggling with a malfunctioning lens and variable light levels over the last few days I seem to have taken a lot of scruffy shots. Of course birds in various stages of moult and youngsters with new plumage have added to the problem. This pigeon has become the second racer this year to abscond to my neighbours back garden.

A young Moorhen at Cresswell Pond was trying to dry out after the heavy overnight rain which has left the water level very high. This meant no waders and a degree of boredom which anybody visiting the hide in the next few days may see evidence of. The major advantage was that four nice Snipe were driven close up giving some good views as they preened. O.K. for the keen witted amongst you, I hold my hands up to a terrible error......a Snipe is indeed a wader but you know what I mean. I'm thinking Little Stint, Pec Sand, Slender billed Curlew (dream on!) etc etc.

Even young Goldfinch were getting in on the act between feeding on the Thistle heads.

and of course the ubiquitous Mallard (my Teal shots had too much contrast in late evening sun). Still nicely plumaged birds though if one spends the time to consider.

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