Thursday, 30 September 2010

Furrowed brow wanderer

Here I sit at this wretched screen with the sun streaming through the window after three days of wet miserable weather and my phone keeps reminding me of the influx on the coast to which I am unable to respond as work must be cleared otherwise the weekend will be lost.
Tried to cheer myself up by writing some invoices this morning but I expect the lag between issue and receipt will be on a geological timescale as usual. Haven't taken a photograph in four days and the grim reaper appears to be sitting on my shoulder as all around me are pegging out. My mood was not helped by a dead Red Squirrel on the road by Banks Pond this morning.
Oh bugger it! The weekends probably gone already. Watch out all who know me. I'll be out and about at 3.30!


  1. Peter,

    Its a really rough life having to constantly try and earn enuff to buy a morsel, some thatch and wattle and a bit of ED Glass enabling one to gaze at the skies and bushes whilst, unlike some mere mortals (James Watson)who just write a couple of poems then discover the structure of DNA then spend the rest of their time Birdwatching.

    Unfortunately until there is a requirement for an architect to design a Burj in the Ponteland area you will have to, just like the majority of us, toil away till the weekends and then enjoy yourself (in the wind, rain and whatever him upstairs decides to throw at us)


    ps - hope to see you soon :)

  2. Sanity one of the YBW at Tynemouth last night.