Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Dear deer

Delivered my car to Bank Top Garage in Prestwick and walked home counting birds and the likely cost as I went. Most of the usual suspects were present with Sedge Warblers being the most numerous closely followed by Chaffinch. A pair of Lesser black back Gulls were hanging around the area for a second day presumably looking for some easy pickings.

The deer were having a lazy morning next to the wood and apparently couldn't be bothered to run away. I was talking to an army chap earlier this week who said it was quite common for females to be lethargic at this time of year as they are likely to be heavily pregnant.

The males of course have no such excuse and being a hunter he was keen to be having a shot at the six point stag he'd just seen. I know the army lads have permission to hunt on the range but I'm unclear as to how this would be regarded by the recently stated intentions of the Wildlife Trust. The local yobs have left the deer relatively un-molested of late but there's always someone who wants to have a go. Hopefully this four pointer is less of a trophy.

Access to this feast has been improved by part re-surfacing of the road to the crossroads although why they do a 70 meter stretch then leave two gaps of 10 is beyond me. I guess a half cocked job is better than none but it will only encourage the horsey crowd to speed down to their steeds. The bumpy road is thankfully un-affected being a challenge even for the many cyclists who used it at the weekend. It is perhaps my use of this route that has led to my cars current demise.

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  1. Peter,

    couple of nice deer shots there mate. Of course your right about the horsey lot - specially that idiot that drives the red C1.