Saturday, 1 May 2010

Snatched shots

It was a morning of snatched opportunies not helped by having to use my 600mm F8 mirror lens as my other zoom has met its maker. Did get a typical shot of the elusive Garden Warbler that has established a territory for the Liverbirder in the copse 70m past the range sentry box. Was singing well though and accompanied by Willow, Sedge and Whitethroat.

The Redstart seems to prefer the copse further over to the west which I visited and manged to get some shots of the lingering Wheatears. Normally they just shoot through like a......

Then the harder stuff. No 96 on the Prestwick Carr 2010 list zoomed past with just enough time to focus (or not). Don't worry its not your eyes but the profile is unmistakeable.
Then still pointing upwards got a shot of a Snipe drumming the old tail feathers.

If not for the beak it could almost be a duck heading for a crash landing


  1. Noted - with precision to match those who man the sentry box, I shall be pacing out 70 metres tomorrow. My thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Peter, I would have loved to have captured the Snipe drumming.
    You probably know already but it looks like Swallows have taken up residence in the corrugated tin small ex barn at the rear of Mayfair Cottage. Spent a cracking 1/2 hour watching them hurtling up and down the field and whizzing in and out and around the central support pole of the structure.