Sunday, 9 May 2010

This weeks headlines

Whitethroat abuses birder

Feelings are running high after the election with privacy being high on the agenda of Prestwick Carrs residents worried that they are becoming overrun by snap happy chappys in camouflage. A Whitethroat heckled 'churr, churrr, churrrrrr, take it, take it, take it, churr tut I'll wack, wack wack, yuh tut' as he was confronted by a Canon wielding lens man.

A Yellowhammer agreed commenting 'a bit a less shutter and peace off you pleeeease....'

Elsewhere House Martins finally made an appearance for No 97 on the 2010 list with a smart male Wheatear still in attendance in the horses field. Highlight of the week though was an immature male of big bird number 84 type which passed through on Wednesday evening. That was the cream on top!

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  1. I was listening to a bird on Saturday morning, a Chiffchaff i would say and i'm positive it was calling " naff off, naff off, naff off"