Wednesday, 19 May 2010

First out

First House Sparrow young of the year appeared yesterday lunchtime. Secreted in a Berberis in the front garden it appeared a bit under done initially but chirped away all afternoon with regular visits from Ma and Pa. Then early evening Pa turned up and the youngster looked far more spritely coming to the edge of the bush to beg before falling off onto the ground and following the adult away to begin life in earnest. Meanwhile one other nest has been lost to a Magpie but there are at least two more still feeding along with two Starling broods, one Dunnock nest which I can't find and Blue Tits in the rear box.
Meanwhile some excitement at Banks Pond yesterday lunchtime when I found a Willow Warbler with an unusual song. First thoughts of Iberian Chiffchaff were dispelled but I think this bird has picked up a strange variation from the usual clear descending song with the initial starting wicker seeming to be repeated throughout the passage. Sorry for the shake on the video.

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