Friday, 4 June 2010


The problem (if it can be described as such) with digital cameras is there is no restraint so when the bird life is a little subdued as it has been on Prestwick Carr recently you can become a gunslinger shooting at anything in sight (with apologies to the Cumbrians for the phraseology).

The Redstart is still around but not showing well, Great Tits are feeding three nests I know of and the Warblers continue to sing which doesn't appear to disturb the Tawny Owl who has returned to his roost after a weeks sojourn.

Therefore in a moment of quiet I started looking around for targets and having chased numerous Butterflies settled on some bugs all around the same square meter next to the viewing gate.

Unfortunately I'm no entomologist so their names escape me but I've named them myself based on their obvious feature.

I like these red ones especially when they take off and become red and black whirlygigs. I really must get a handbook and become a bit more technical. Off on my wanders this weekend so watch out northumbrian bloggers as I may steal your soul in photographic form.

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  1. Peter,

    I also have my own names for things that I photograph, "her" for the wife, "Beast" for Segedunum Warbler. Great to here the Tawny is back, its sojourn might have been with BA, or it might have not been allowed to fly because of Volcanic Ash.