Saturday, 19 June 2010


Prestwick Carr was alive with one of my favourite birds in the strong sun on Friday evening. The chattering bush was replaced by the churring parent and young as, walking up the bumpy road, I passed through at least four Whitethroat territories where young birds were secreted in the hedgerows or parents were feeding young in the nest.

This bird was particularly attentive to my presence whilst its mate fed a nest close to the fence. After a while staring back at me another bird further up the lane noticed and launched into a song flight unceremoniously dive bombing the perched bird sending it into the undergrowth.

Of course there are strong sunlight can be a help to the photographer and also a hindrance as many shots were wrecked by shadows from the fence, not that I'm any Hosking. Just shooting for the fun of it although I am a bit addicted to taking photographs and hate days (like today, Saturday) where it is obvious the weather is going to curtail any action.

Speaking of which number 99 on my Prestwick Carr list was calling near the sentry box on Thursday evening. For the second year running Nuthatch has graced the area for which I am very grateful as I thought the listing had ground to a halt. I reflect on birds I have missed so far being Whooper Swan, Common Sandpiper, Ring Ouzel, Black Tailed Godwit and apparently from reports yet to be published, Whimbrel.

Oh well, more time out on the range needed.

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  1. I'm sure someone posted a sighting a while back of a Ring Ouzel up at "The Carr"
    Just checked Wild Up North posting 25 April.