Sunday, 13 June 2010

Up the coast yesterday found a pair of Ringed Plover at a fairly well know location who had an excellent nest site in a small fenced enclosure paved in pebbles with plenty of cover if a little unconventional. One bird stands guard on the seawall and if you approach he calls and is joined from the nest area by the other. They both watch, calling but not in alarm, till you pass by. Anybody getting too close prompts one bird to drop down onto the beach and the other to circle around presumably re-entering the enclosure from the other side for if another person comes by the whole process is repeated.

I scanned for young in the area but couldn't see them although given the adult behaviour was fairly sure they were there. Interesting that the pair seemed so unconcerned and confident in the secrity of their well chosen nest site.

Further along the road a Meadow Pipit watched me as I passed his nest site, again in a secure restricted area only troubled by infrequent freight trains.

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