Friday, 25 June 2010

Song flush

Joy of joys a family of Song Thrushes visiting my garden today as I packed the car for a day away. I had noticed the adults a week or so ago, carrying food at the converted chapel along the road and now they have brought the offspring to feast on the snails in my front jungle. At least two young with both parents popped over the fence into the cover provided by an overgrown Berberis.

The birds must be under some strain as they have lost nearly all fear refusing to move from the step to my front door when I approached. Maybe the bird was trying to guard young secreted in the undergrowth to the left or the food hoard behind the drainpipe to the right.

This was a poor shot from last night as the adult cracked open a snail using the drain cover as an anvil. Shot taken standing on my bedroom window cill which may have amused the passing traffic.

1 comment:

  1. You lucky duck Peter. I want some juvenile Song Thrushes for my garden. Where can i get some?