Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Littler Grebes

On my way out of the village checked on Banks Pond expecting some Dragonfly action. Sure enough Four spotted chaser overhead and what looked like two Ruddy Darter over the pond. As the Moorhen family moved away I popped the fence to try and get some pics but then noticed the Little Grebe at its usual station. Raised the camera and realised it had one on board!

On closer inspection the one turned out to be two and I retreated with haste lest I disturb the happy family. I presume the other adult is still in the reeds either with young or waiting for more hatching.

The Moorhens looked on with their four young about a week old still in attendance whilst one adult Oytercatcher remained on the far bank with two young almost ready to fly judging by the stretching and flapping.

Buoyed by the fine start to my day called in at Bellasis where at least four males and one female Banded Demoiselle were flying.

Also trapped in the pool on the other side of the bridge about twenty young fish which I asssume are Brown Trout. Felt I should catch them and return them to the main stream before the pool drys out but will try to contact the Seaton Burn fishing club who have the rights first.


  1. Where is Banks Pond Peter? I could fancy a crack at photographing the Chasers...

  2. NZ203744 If heading toward Dinnington from Cramlington having turned left at Horton Grange follow the road past the two woods either side of the road and there's a nasty double bend at the entrance to Steve Smiths shooting range. Go round the bends and fifty yards on is gate on the left with 'Banks' carved into it. The pond is through the gate on your left. Little grebes are in the south east corner and chasers tend to favour the south bank. Emperors should be appearing shortly and tend to fly from the middle west bank toward you.

  3. Top info there Peter, thanks mate :-)