Thursday, 3 June 2010

Where there's mud

There's building material and the Swallows and House Martins at Druridge yesterday were making good use of two puddles near the Country Barn shop and cafe.

Up to fifteen Martins at a time constantly retrieved beakfulls of the stuff and I noticed the two Swallows even came prepared with some straw to which they added the mud. I always thought they built the nest and just lined it. Very labour saving of them.

Of course being on the roadside they were constantly disturbed by passing cars but despite being able to predict when they would take off I never got close to a good flight shot.

On reflection a good half hour despite the tourists not quite understanding my fascination with roadside puddles. One gave me a good glare when I was photographing birds behind his car as he tried to make sense of his road map and later on a Northern Experience Landrover unwittingly splashed through said puddle scattering birds in a directions!

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