Monday, 18 July 2011

A bit of a mix

A frustrating weekend with bad weather compounded by the failure of my broadband connection left me twiddling my thumbs. Managed to squeeze a webs count in during a lull in the downpour Sunday lunchtime the best sighting being a family of four Common Sandpiper in Lemington Gut. A quick trip out on Prestwick Carr early evening saw lots of Small White flying but the expedition was brought to a premature end by a thunderstorm that crept down from the North.

A quick call at Banks this morning saw the Emperors getting jiggy with it but the male wouldn't let me get close and kept flying off with his girl attached below. Strong chap.

A female Common Darter insisted on resting over a confusing background.

And of course the return of the weather to end any further exploration.

Lots of Small Skipper, Large White and Meadow Brown Butterflies but nothing exotic despite the steaming heat.

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