Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Joy and despair

At last after the long wait at least three Four spotted Chaser and two Emperors at Banks Pond this lunchtime.

The Chasers eventually deigned to perch for me but never could find the Emperors as they chose spots in the corner of the pond surrounded by reeds and only accessible by wading so only flight shots available. Good job they're a big target and not as nifty as the Chasers.

Not to worry. A couple of half decent results and the top shot is definately worth viewing at full size.

And the despair.......another dead Red Squirrel at nearby Fox Covert Platation the second road casualty in two weeks. Young animals possibly or lets look on the bright side that numbers are splendidly high in the area.


  1. Pleased for you squire. If anyone deserves a Dragon it's your good self.
    A report of an Emperor at Dukes Pond and several at Big Waters are the closest i've been to any but had my first 4 spot at Druridge on Saturday.

  2. I've not seen an Emperor, never mind catch one in flight! Nice shots.

  3. You did well to get that Emperor shot Peter.

  4. Peter,

    everything comes to those who keep visiting places. So wheres my dragonflies at Big Waters, they can be seen, but only at the edge of the reeds from the hide.

    Great shots btw