Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A wry smile

is what I had when I visited Clara Vale N.R. in search of a Wryneck reported on Birdguides and instead found this beauty. My first Speckled Wood but just over the border and not on my Northumberland list which is why I tried to find the Wryneck. Using reverse psychology I figured that I would get my bogey bird if it was off patch and at an unusual time of year. When I got there I knew there was little chance. If the bird was feeding it would be on the acres of golf course nearby and if sleeping the woodland was dense enough to make the task near impossible. Nevertheless a pleasant circuit of this small reserve with the pond turning up a single Common Hawker but looking good for many more when the sun shines

Also had a chat with HFD on many subjects including the likely next appearance of that rare Northumberland Naturalist species. This bloggerfly emerged a couple of times in May up in Scotland but little has been heard from her since as indeed can be said for Birding about Northumberland.

Earlier in the day I found a family of Treecreepers in the wood north of Bellasis Bridge and spent some time trying to find out how many but the best I can conclude was one adult and at least two juveniles possibly more. Two male and one female Banded Demoiselle flew infrequently below the bridge in line with the appearance of the sun.

Finished the day hoping to find a Speckled Wood or some Dragonflies at Havannah N.R. but the place was heaving with some very unfit runners and the usual dog walkers. The singing of Yellowhammer just managed to cut above the panting of both.

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  1. Well, there you are, Peter. HFD and I went to Widdrington Tip this week and I've written it up.