Sunday, 24 July 2011

More a glarer than a fisher

A boring Sunday with little about on my patch so by late morning I took a walk round Ponteland Park where helped by numerous dog walkers the famine continued. I managed to flush the Dipper before I could get a view, a family party of Song Thrushes stayed in the undergrowth and calling Bullfinch / Nuthatch stayed well up in the foliage out of view. Then as I passed the hide at the Ox bow lake a familiar pipping call. I was about to open the gate when I saw this.

A nice juvenile Kingfisher basking in the sun and presumably taking the first few fishing lessons. The moment I unhitched the gate it saw me so I froze and took a few shots. Then the branch shook and a second bird joined it. A glaring match ensued for the next ten minutes

Maximum frustration. I couldn't get closer the light levels were up and down like a tarts knickers and the wind waved vegetation between camera and subject was almost fusing the autofocus.

Eventually the branch shook again and a third bird flew off taking number two with it. Number one in the meantime had grown accustomed to my presence and I managed to get a bit closer.

Not the award winning halcyon photo session but very enjoyable.

In the end I think it grew bored of me, gave a final resigned look and then flew off in a flurry of turquoise.

Just shows that patience is a virtue when fishing around.


  1. Delightful,14 month since I last saw one on the Coquet!

  2. Interesting to see the 'numerous dog walkers' - how polite of you - came into the reckoning in your post today Peter. In the hope you're still looking in on Birds2blog you will have noted mine about the same 'bunch' and the woman with 14 dogs yesterday (Tuesday)....yes 14!

    I also love your honesty in announcing you're 'totally p..... off with the world' but I think I've told you that one before.