Monday, 4 July 2011

It's just not cricket!

Well maybe its a Grasshopper but whatever, despite the warm spell no Dragonflies have emerged on my patch. I hunted Banks Pond up and down yesterday evening but no joy. Just the Canada Geese juveniles giving due deference to Canada Day past and beginning to show their true colours.

Black and white of course. Non of this red and white mularky best kept south of these waters. A few Damsels were present showing well in the late evening sun. I'm not sure which team this one supports but likely one with blue in its name despite the green colouring.

The 'Crickets' despite their number were remarkably difficult to capture always seeming to find their way behind a blade of grass. Drives you hopping mad! As does trying to decide whether its Cricket or Grasshopper. I'll plump for the former as I always thought the latter had large hind legs and I have been known to chose the title of my post before carefully checking the identity of the subject. Publish and be damned I say......

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