Monday, 11 July 2011

Show reel

Sunday evening in bright sunshine I ventured to Arcot Pond where the Little Egret was in the far distance but a very obliging Grasshopper Warbler wasn't quite as shy.

I've mentioned before that whilst I have plenty on my own patch, five males reeling over 2km on Saturday morning, they very rarely show as they are always low in the grass. I'll probably get half a dozen sightings a year although would hear birds most mornings I'm out.

Arcot birds however having some nice freestanding bushes to sing from are far more showy thank goodness and this one sang furiously for ten minutes in full knowledge I was nearby. Occasionally hiding in the shadows further down it just couldn't resist climbing back into full sunlight to get the best voice projection.

Even a strange head on shot which distorts the birds features unless it really did squint one eye due to the strong sunlight.

It looked quite worn out and dissatisfied when it finished singing.

More a grumper than a gropper.

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  1. nice post.
    amazes me how wide their gape is when 'singing'