Thursday, 27 September 2012

A bad grass day

After retuning the folks TV for what seems the umpteenth time a quick meeting at Blyth and as I returned down the coast the weather was set fair so St Mary's lighthouse beckoned me after yesterdays Birdguides reports. 
I arrived to find John hopping about the place and the bushes were clealy lifting with migrant birds. Redstart and Goldcrest aplenty.
Spotted Flycatcher not so obvious as it kept to quieter areas of which there were few due to the number of birders present.
The wait for the Yellow browed Warbler was worth it as after hearing it call and numerous Robin and Chiffchaff false alarms it appeared low down in one bush
 To be shortly followed in the same location by a Pied Flycatcher.
Higher up in the same bush a Reed Warbler fed silently.
Have you noticed the theme? Apart from all slightly dodgy long range shots there's always a bit of grass across the subject. I was wanting a Red brested Flycatcher but even after a trip to Tynemouth later it evaded quite a splendid day list.

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  1. Peter,

    I dont hop, I walk sedately in a manner becoming my age and stature in society. I couldn't get a Reed Warbler shot no matter how hard I tried.