Tuesday, 18 September 2012


After an unusually productive morning I headed up to Cresswell to see if the Bonxie was about. Morgan was in the hide with three others. No mate no sign of the Skua ....should have been here yesterday.......hovering in front of hide..........Oh well. Not to waste a visit I managed to track down the Long tailed Duck and waited as wader numbers increased with the rising tide. Checking Birdguides I was frustrated to read 'Great Skua Holywell Pond 14.30'. Wrong choice again and I had driven past there on the way up. Peaking at 3  Barwits, 1 Knot, 22 Dunlin, 20+ Curlew, 3 Snipe and 5 or more Redshank, things went quiet and I headed home.
Upon arrival at chez dump Birdguides was announcing 'Great Skua Cresswell Pond 14.50' Hang on mate I was there and so were others. Where was the Skua and how did presumably the same bird get from Holywell to Cresswell in 20 minutes? Possible I suppose but is someone having a larf?


  1. The birdguides report said "there until 14:50 when it flew off Northeast". When I was there the other day it flew off out over the bay, but it did returned again.